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How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook?

Are you also looking for ways how to create an email signature in Outlook 365? Your search will end up here. The Outlook signatures feature upgrades your professional messaging so that you can easily add more information to your message. Here we will let you know some ways in which you can create the email signature on your Outlook. 

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Ways to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

There are some guides that can let you create an Email Sign on Outlook account from various devices through the Outlook website and application. 

How to Create the Email Signature in Outlook 

Just open the app and go for the file option in the Outlook menu bar and go to the options. Now, go to the mail options from the Outlook options dialog box. After that go for the Signatures which will show you the “signatures and stationery” option. From the Email, Signature Tab, then just go to the “new” option. Just enter a name for creating the sign. in the box and proceed with the OK button. Now, again type the signature in the “Edit Signature Box”. You can put your name, post, company details, and many other contact information. 

Then there are more editing options to edit your signature. 

  • This allows you to select the font type, size, color, effect, and alignment. 
  • You can also add any customized logo, social media icons, or many media files through the import option from your computer or drives. 
  • It also lets you insert a  link to a certain text. Another option it offers is to add a business card icon.
  • You are now able to add your new signature to all new messages at once. 

After all of this, click on the Ok button. You can add it manually through the Insert option just go for the Signatures option and add it. 

It is an overall complex procedure to create a signature on your own for most users. Therefore, You should contact our team of Microsoft customer care support service. Our team of excerpts will help you to know the detailed steps so that you can create an email signature in outlook.

How to Create the Email Signature in Outlook on The Web

To start with this, just sign in to Microsoft Office and open your Outlook tab. Now, view all of the settings and then choose the “compose and reply” option. After that, just enter the signature on the “Compose & Reply Windows”. Format and edit further it as you want it with the editing tools and complete it with the save button. To view the sign., go to the new message, then Outlook will add your signature to the bottom section of that message. You can also manually add it. 

To get guided through this whole intricate process, you need to contact our team of technical support services. Our professionals will provide you the accurate solutions that will let you create an email signature in Outlook on the web easily. 

Add The signature in Outlook mobile app

To add and create a signature in Outlook on your android mobile app, just start the Outlook app with the Outlook icon. Now, go to the settings option, and then from the account go to signature. Proceed with typing the text and links to create the sign. and save it with the done option. This will enable your custom signature at the bottom of all emails on your android phones. 

Just contact our team technical support for getting detailed solutions so that you can create an email signature in Outlook on your android phone.

Creating a Signature in Outlook on iPhone 

To add your Outlook signature on iPhone, go to the settings and then to “Accounts” to the signature. Now, type in your signature in the box and then move forward with the editing. You can also add images or logos which is optional. After the customization is complete save your sign. 

If you are having any obstacles in doing this, you can simply ask our technician for support. Our Microsoft customer care experts are well-aware of every technical issue and functionality of its programs including Outlook. Get step-by-step detailed remote guidelines that can let you easily create an email signature in Outlook. 

Add signature in Outlook on Mac

Start the Outlook application on your mac and go to the preferences menu with the command and comma keys. Now, go to signature and go with the positive sign beside the “Edit signature” option. Now start typing your signature information in the “signature box”. Through the setting of choose default signature section change your signature setting. 

You can apply that sign to a certain mail or reply and forward it to others. Go to the X button and start by composing a new mail, this will show you the created signature at the bottom of the mail. If it does not show there, you can manually insert it. 

To get guided through this create an email signature in Outlook on mac procedure, just contact us. Our team will guide you with an easy-to-go-through process. 


So, we have explained the methods to add, edit and create an email signature in Outlook. Go through the compatible method according to the device you are using Windows, android, or mac. For some users, it is hard to edit, insert, or create a signature on their own, so you can contact our support services. 

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