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How to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46?

Fix Brother printer Machine Error 46

The common exhausting problem that happens is Brother printer machine error 46. It certainly shows when you just command it to print and get this error 46 on its screen. The problem causes can be anything like inkjet or the faulty settings of your printer. 

Here we will help you to get aware of this problem’s causes and then their solutions. There are various possibilities with which you can treat this problem. These are just some guidelines and by following them you can fix your printer manually. 

Our platform offers quality Brother printer customer service in which you will get directed towards the solution to this issue. Our services can be reached through our Brother’s printer support number at +1-410-896-8780. Other options for getting a quick response are available through live chat, and email addresses.

Why This Brother Printer Machine Error 46 happens?

Because of multiple reasons, this issue starts bothering you from printing. One of them is the internal hardware of the printer known as the inkjet is full. In this condition, you have to change the ink absorber pad. Sometimes the ink absorber does not get full, but still, your printer shows this error 46. We will offer you the easiest way to counter this issue by just going through some guidelines. 

We offer a trustworthy source for fixing your problem issues. In this, you will get guided with the solution so that you can fix this error problem. 

Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46 by Changing Ink Absorber Pad

The ink absorber is a sponge-like pad that absorbs extra ink that got spilled while printing. It also wipes out the excess amount of ink that was spilled right after a printing command. It is an automated cleaning procedure that printers perform. Your printed documents will starts getting ink marks when your ink absorber got reached its limit. The good thing is, it is changeable all you need is an expert’s assistance. 

Our Brother printer technical support team will help you to change the ink pad of your printer by yourself. Generally, it requires a professional technician who can change the ink pad.

You have to just ask our team of experts, for getting the detailed instructions that are required to do this task. 

Get Your Printer into Maintenance Mode

To start the fixing process of this Brother printer Machine Error 46 issue make sure to follow these steps:

  • This process starts with unplugging the power cord from the printer. 
  • Press and hold on to the menu button. If your Brother’s printer does not have a menu button, then press the start or down button.
  • Just keep the button pressing and plug back the power cord into your printer. This will show you the Maintenance on the printer screen.

On your LCD screen Brother printer, you have to keep pressing the set, start, or menu button, while unplugging the power cord from it and then continue to plug in. 

The process of putting the maintenance mode on your printer may get varies according to the printer you are using. You need to ask our team of experts who deliver you the accurate required steps to complete this troubleshooting. By going through this way you can fix Brother printer machine error 46 trouble.

Reset Purge Counter to Fix Brother Machine Error 46

The purge counter is the manual setting that controls the record of the number of prints and also the cleaning process. This purge counter allows the reset option which can be performed through the LCD screen of your printer. 

First, you have to make sure that your Brother’s printer is still under warranty for one year time period. If it is, then you must contact the brother printer’s official service. Your printer will get fixed by the technician of Brother’s support. 

Otherwise, these below-mentioned two procedures will surely help you to fix this Brother printer Machine error 46. 

Reset Purge Counter to fix Error 46 Problem

Another way to fix your printer’s working problem is to reset the purge counter from keys:

Printers that have a number keypad

  • Simply enter 80 to go to settings
  • Use the down navigating key to find out the Purge option.
  • Type 2783 and the Purge number which must be zero. 
  • Then exit and get back to the maintenance mode 
  • Afterward, enter 99 to leave the menu and restart the printer. 

It becomes more complicated to perform this task successfully on various Brother printer models. You should contact our team of professionals who can guide you with each reliable step according to the printer model you are using. This will surely fix your Brother machine error 46. 

For Modern Brother Printer with Number Keypad 

Latest Brother’s printer, you have to press the home button. This will show you the serial number, print page, and the empty option.

  • Just press the empty option and then 0# on the LCD screen to enter the maintenance mode.
  • Put 80 on the touch screen and use the navigation to find the Purge count. 
  • Put 2783 and press mono start to that will reset the purge count. 
  • Then command stops to exit the maintenance mode.

Your latest Brother’s printer may be not easy to operate and that makes it obvious for many users to consider a professional expert. We are the option that offers a team of experts who can guide you with appropriate guidelines. This will make sure that you fix this Brother printer Machine Error 46.

For Brother’s Printers Without Number Keypad

  • After putting your printer in maintenance mode, you have to scroll up or down with navigating keys to find the numbers. Go to the 8 and press it afterward scroll to 8 and allow OK. 
  • Go down, you will get the Purge count option with a number beside it. 
  • Enter the 2783 number, this will set the Purge count to 0.

Get assisted by our team of Brother printer customer service experts. Our agents will assist you throughout the process of resetting your Purge counter on your own. You need to just ask our service and get a quick response which will treat this Brother printer Machine Error 46 issue. 


Here, we have explained every possible way which can help you to fix this Brother machine error 46 trouble. You are just one call away to get the appropriate troubleshooting guidelines. Our professionals are well-qualified and understand the technicalities of printers. All of it makes it easy for us to fix this Brother printer Machine Error 46. 

The only worthwhile and the under-budget third-party option is our service. You can reach us through the brother printer tech support number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email address options.

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